Plat du Jour



A not-so-exhaustive list of some books to read:

Black Gold A Dark History Of Coffee ~ Antony Wild
Cod ~ Mark Kurlansky
Diet For A Dead Planet ~ Christopher Cook
Fast Food Nation ~ Erik Schlosser
Fat Land ~ Greg Critser
Fat Wars ~ Ellen Ruppel Shell
Food - A History ~ Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Food Politics ~ Marion Nestle
Food Wars ~ Tim Lang
Good Fish Guide ~ Bernadette Clark
Not On The Label ~ Felicity Lawrence
On Science And Cooking ~ Harold Mcgee
Salt ~ Mark Kurlansky
Shopped ~ Joanna Blytheman
Soil And Soul ~ Alastair McIntosh
Stolen Fruit ~ Peter Robbins
Sweetness And Power ~ Sidney Munz
The Food Atlas ~ Tim Lang
The Food We Eat ~ Joanna Blytheman

We've added an extract from Antony Wild's book Black Gold to the site. Click here to read it.

Norman Church has kindly agreed for us to reprint his article on the effects of oil consumption on our food chain. To read it in full, click here.

Some links to visit:
~ Museum of Sound ~
~ Matthew Herbert's Plat Du Jour Challenge over on the BBC website. ~
~ put the right rubbish back in the ground ~
~ uk's leading enrvironmental magazine and excellent resource ~
~ rather peculiar site cataloguing airline food ~
~ list of those george w bush killed as governor of texas ~
~ US environmentalism site ~
~ official texas state department death row site ~
~ death row prisoners final meals ~
~ uk-based resource promoting british orchards and localness ~
~ a comprehensive database of fish that we can or should not be eating ~
~ uk-based magazine reaearching companies track records ~
~ details about our industrialised bread and other related topics ~
~ rather grim site run by people keen on killing others ~
~ activists having fun as well as trying to stop the rise of the least impressive chain ~

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